Analog HD PRO System,the best path to HD

Analog HD PRO System,the best path to HD

Author:lsvt     Date:2014-09-01

LSVT’s Analog HD PRO series products,adopt the most advanced Analog HD technology enables up-to 500m 720P/1080P video transmission over existing coaxial cable with HDCVI; AHD; TVI, which has a broad market application prospect.

As of now, HD is the real thing for users to identify object or individual in a critical scene. However, the current analog solution, though still keeps a significant market segment, can hardly achieve High Definition images. Though the current HD-SDI has already provided 1080p resolution, the video transmission distance is still short distance. On the other hand, users may face some dilemmas when upgrading their existing security system to HD. For example, the re-cabling issue when switches analog to IP, and the previous installing means that can no longer be inherited for the new system.

All of these have led the analog camp to come up with new ideas and solutions in terms of boasting HD images while maintaining the same using habits over existing cable deployment. The Analog HD PRO is.

1. HD Performance at 1080P/720P
The Analog HD PRO product family is based on HDCVI; AHD; TVI technology and is ideally suited to upgrading existing standard definition systems at low cost. It retains the ease-of-use of an analog system while offering up to 1080P HD video output.

2. Up-to 500m HD Transmission via Coaxial Cable, up-to 300m HD Transmission via Cat-5  Cable (By Video Balun)
LSVT’s Analog HD PRO technology guarantees up-to 500 meters of high-quality and reliable transmission at 720P / 1080P via coaxial cable. This makes the Analog HD PRO a perfect solution to fit all requirements. Furthermore, the Analog HD PRO solution even supports video balun to transmission HD image up-to 300m via cat-5 cable.


3. Multiple Product Lines, Offer ODM & OEM Serve
In the Analog HD PRO system, LSVT now offers 720P/1080P cameras, including Bullet, Dome for indoor and outdoor use, offering a bevy of excellent features such as Digital Noise Reduction, ultra low light illumination, smart-IR, vari-focal lens, and IP66 weatherproof. HD DVR and HD video balun.


4. High Cost-effective
Upgrading the current D1 system to HD system freely, re-cabling unnecessary and easy knowledge transfer. Just pay the price as D1 system to experience the HD system.


5. Open Technology
Many industry leading R&D companies are participated, such as Sony, FH, Pixel Plus, Aptina. Many solutions can be provided, such as 1Mp, 1.3Mp, 2.0Mp. Variety of CVI-DVR choices. All ensure to customize your exclusive HDCVI.