LSVT Makes Nightwolf Cameras available to OEM’s

LSVT Makes Nightwolf Cameras available to OEM’s

OEM’s Now Able To Purchase Smarter IR Cameras

Author:lsvt     Date:2012-04-13

 LSVT, one of the leading manufacturers of CCTV equipment,released to mass production its line of IR-assisted cameras based on theNightwolf imaging solution from Pixim. The product availability includesdomes, box cameras,and bullets in all form factors with most housing options available to OEM’s.

“Our new IR cameras based on the Nightwolf platformhave solved the “hot spot” problems found in nearly all IR cameras on themarket today. In fact, we’ve been demonstrating how our new line ofcameras enables video capture of both the foreground and background--not justone or the other as found in competing IR-assisted cameras,” outlined Mr.YiYing Wang, LSVT CEO.  “We’re offering a smarter camera thanks to thecapabilities brought forth by Pixim.”

Expanding on the Pixim Seawolf product range, each Nightwolfcamera, analog and IP, will have virtually the same daytime out-of-boxperformance as well as identical menu functions and tuning capabilities asSeawolf cameras. Nightwolf, therefore, becomes an easy complement to customers’current use of the award-winning Seawolf platform being distributed around theworld today with unique imaging optimizations at night when coupled with IRillumination.

new Nightwolf camera line is designed to help customers who have dark or virtuallydark security applications that require IR lighting. Pixim Nightwolf overcomesIR-lighting problems and generates accurate video without the compromises foundin competing solutions.

“In addition to optimizedsettings for night mode operation, Nightwolf offers the identical daytimeperformance as Pixim’s popular Seawolf imager, covering all lighting conditionsnight and day,” says John Monti, vice president of marketing and businessdevelopment for Pixim. “With LSVT’s broad reach into the security market, endusers will soon be able to discover the flexibility and adaptability ofNightwolf cameras, even in 0 lux environments.”

OEM’s should contact LSVT directly for information on pricing and availability.