Enjoy the special time in China

Enjoy the special time in China

Spring Festival

Author:lsvt     Date:2013-02-01

To our  customers:

As the Spring Festival is coming, LSVT willhave holidays from Feb 7th to Feb 16th with 10 days off.That's to say, we will back to office on Feb 17th, 2013(Sunday).

Spring Festival eve and the first day ofthe first lunar month generally. But in people, the Spring Festival, thetraditional Lunar New Year Festival is stepped up another gear from the Greekfestival or the day of the 12th month, 23 or 24 kitchen. until the fifteenthday, culminating with New Year's Eve and the first day of the first lunarmonth. During the Spring Festival, China's Han ethnic minorities and many haveheld various activities to mark the occasion. These activities are designed forworship deities and ancestral shrine to deliver and meet the millenniumbringers of good fortune, in the hope of the harvest as the main content. Richand colorful activities with strong ethnic characteristics.

When neutrons is the turn of midnight, NewYear bell sounded, the entire land of China over firecrackers Beidao Tianyu. Inthis "age, a month, when Yuan," "3" times and in some placesstill yard barrier "Wanghuo" Airbus to show brisk gas, boominglevels. Wanghuo burning in flames around, the children set off fire crackers,joyous to jump and when that happens, the house is brightly lit, the lights.Pretrial is brilliant sparks house is the noisy sounds, the eve of the ChineseLunar New Year festive atmosphere to a climactic.


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